The Next Right Thing, Spring 2021

The concept of doing the “next right thing” is so genius, because the small decisions we make in our hours and days ultimately shape our lives. Even though we can’t see it in those small moments. In the marathon journey of living as a Christian striving to participate in the racial reconciliation of Jesus, small steps matter. They keep us going and they keep our hearts engaged. Sometimes these steps are visible, sometimes they are matters of the heart. I wanted to talk about three of my small next-right-things from this Spring: three small steps that helped me stay purposeful in pursuing the goal. I hope they’ll encourage you in what you are already doing or hope to do. 

Doing The Next Right Thing…On An Airport Shuttle

right thing doesn’t always give you much time to think. When striving to be an anti-racist, being ready for action is important. A posture of readiness can be the difference between seizing an opportunity and letting it slide by. I recently found myself in one such opportunity in a hot, humid Chicago day…