Reframing Thanksgiving to Honor Indigenous Culture- Year 2!

kids about the Wampanoag (the Native tribe the Pilgrims met in 1619), I didn’t think the lessons would stick. I had to look up how to pronounce “Wampanoag” multiple times before I had mastered it enough to teach them. Could I really expect them to remember?

Praying in Tension This Thanksgiving

This post is about the unique Thanksgiving season we have been given in 2020. It’s a post about wrestling with the tension of giving thanks during worldwide calamity. It’s about giving thanks on a holiday whose history can’t be disconnected from racism and violence. These tensions are not insurmountable; praying through them has been transformational for me this week. In this post I’ve written two different prayers of thanksgiving that I hope might minister to you. If you find both gratefulness and pain in your heart this holiday season, let them exist together and draw you nearer to the one who is King over them all.

Reframing Thanksgiving: helping young kids honor the Indigenous narrative

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from researching the history of Thanksgiving, it’s that more misconceptions abound than I realized. These misconceptions and oversimplifications (usually) taught in childhood are frequently left unchecked as children grow into adults. My 6 year old has already had his toes dipped in the romanticized Thanksgiving story. He already knows …