Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s Life and Faith With Our Kids + Resource Lists

This year I’m striving to help my kids (and myself) make the connection between MLK’s faith and his fight for justice. Not only was he an activist, fighting to overturn overtly racist laws, but he was also a passionate minister of the gospel. He pleaded with leaders of white churches not to be silent about Black peoples’ plight and to courageously stand in solidarity. His faith framed not only his protests but also his non-violent methods of protests. And he remained faithful to proclaiming the truth of God and the dignity of humanity to the very end.

Which Side of History Will We Be On?

If Breonna Taylor’s Grand Jury verdict has shown us anything, it’s that we have a very long way to go towards racial justice in the United States. If you feel alone in your desire to see the church be an agent of change in this area, take heart, and read on. As Samwise Gamgee said …