Book Review: The Liturgy of Politics

What if we believed our spiritual formation and politics were intertwined, not compartmentalized? What if we were brave enough to admit that politics might be controlling us, not the other way around? What if we looked at politics though redeemed eyes: that is for the sake of a flourishing world? These, and more, are some of the powerful issues that Kaitlyn Schiess helps us face in the liturgy of politics.

5 Black Artists and Creatives To Discover

Part of embracing a life that celebrates diversity is celebrating the cultural creations of people from other races and ethnicities. The following is a list of Black artists and creatives I’ve recently been loving and following. Check out some of the people from this list, especially in a medium you typically enjoy. You might just be surprised at who else you find!

My Top 3 Anti-Racism Reading Picks (Foundational Resources Part 2)

Ok, so this post has nothing to do with Spiderman. It’s about books. But when this picture appeared my search of reading-related images, well, there was no going back. Ok, on to the actual content. Have you ever heard the reading analogy, “some books are mirrors, others are windows?”It’s actually pretty apt. Some books are mirrors in them we see ourselves with our personalities, experiences, struggles, and dreams. Other books are they give us a view of experiences outside ourselves. They let us be spectators and learners in new worlds….