It’s a Very Important Word

As the war has raged on in Ukraine my husband and I have seen an opportunity to teach our kids to pray in different ways- ways that challenge them to think beyond themselves and to even engage with the pain of the world.

Why we Skipped Church and Went to the Farmers’ Market

First, a disclosure after my potentially sacrilegious headline: I’m not writing this to encourage you to skip church. This is just a story of how we as a family tried to stretch our theological-imagination-muscles (more on that in a second) and how our worship this Sunday led us into our community rather than into our…

The Next Right Thing, Spring 2021

The concept of doing the “next right thing” is so genius, because the small decisions we make in our hours and days ultimately shape our lives. Even though we can’t see it in those small moments. In the marathon journey of living as a Christian striving to participate in the racial reconciliation of Jesus, small steps matter. They keep us going and they keep…

What do you know about “Lift Every Voice and Sing?”

February 12, 2021 is the 121st anniversary of the first performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” a poem and hymn that has become known as the Black National Anthem. I didn’t know about this song, let alone its position as an anthem, until this year. I keep having moments like this when it comes…

How Genesis One Orients Us Towards Justice

in the beginning, it was good. Before the weeds came up, before people killed one another, before the poor were extorted, it was good. And that goodness is crucial in building an understanding of biblical justice.

My Top Twelve Reads of 2020

Books, books, books! One of the only ways that I want to relive 2020 is by reviewing its best reads. Quarantine seemed to either kick my brain into overdrive or squash it into a puddle of mush. During those times of overdrive, I read as many books as I could get my hands on and…

Advent, Ancients, and…Anti-Racism?

Advent is an ancient tradition that both ministers to our hearts and equips us for the fight against racism. If you’ve never practiced it, or have never considered its relationship to social issues, read on in the post below!

Praying in Tension This Thanksgiving

This post is about the unique Thanksgiving season we have been given in 2020. It’s a post about wrestling with the tension of giving thanks during worldwide calamity. It’s about giving thanks on a holiday whose history can’t be disconnected from racism and violence. These tensions are not insurmountable; praying through them has been transformational…


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