Reframing Thanksgiving: helping young kids honor the Indigenous narrative

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from researching the history of Thanksgiving, it’s that more misconceptions abound than I realized. These misconceptions and oversimplifications (usually) taught in childhood are frequently left unchecked as children grow into adults. My 6 year old has already had his toes dipped in the romanticized Thanksgiving story. He already knows …

When You Think of a Leader, What Image First Comes to Mind?

One of the most powerful questions I’ve considered lately came in the middle of David Swanson’s book Rediscipling the White Church. He was describing one of the training sessions he went through during process of adopting his son. The moderator had the group, mostly white, stop to consider this question: “When was the last time …

Book Review: The Liturgy of Politics

What if we believed our spiritual formation and politics were intertwined, not compartmentalized? What if we were brave enough to admit that politics might be controlling us, not the other way around? What if we looked at politics though redeemed eyes: that is for the sake of a flourishing world? These, and more, are some of the powerful issues that Kaitlyn Schiess helps us face in the liturgy of politics.

Which Side of History Will We Be On?

If Breonna Taylor’s Grand Jury verdict has shown us anything, it’s that we have a very long way to go towards racial justice in the United States. If you feel alone in your desire to see the church be an agent of change in this area, take heart, and read on. As Samwise Gamgee said …

8 Books To Add To Your Faith and Action TBR

Fact, if you read while cooking you’ll be able to read a few more paragraphs vs. cooking only. But you also might burn your food. I will not say anything more about this. There is a lot to learn about anti-racism, and the great thing about learning is that it gives you an excuse to …

5 Black Artists and Creatives To Discover

Part of embracing a life that celebrates diversity is celebrating the cultural creations of people from other races and ethnicities. The following is a list of Black artists and creatives I’ve recently been loving and following. Check out some of the people from this list, especially in a medium you typically enjoy. You might just be surprised at who else you find!

5 Ways to Engage in Anti-Racism Even When COVID Has Shrunk Your Bubble

A primary way we fight racism is through relationship. But what do we do when our whole world has been redesigned to reduce, or eliminate, contact between people? Even though COVID has made relationship building and maintaining a lot more difficult, there are still ways we can engage well in anti-racism. Read on for 5 of them!

A New Segregation?

The more I dive into the anti-racist life the more I am convinced that action doesn’t always have to be a coordinated, official effort with a brand and logo. It can simply be individuals engaged with Jesus’ heart: ready to be his hands and feet in ordinary places in ordinary ways. So, let’s not forget the poor in our school communities this year. Especially at a time when the unseen become more unseen as we enter a more, or all, digital schooling world.