Hi there, I’m Crisanne, and welcome to Imperfect Journey. 2020 has become a pivotal moment in history; the American church is objectively awakening to realities of racial injustice as the country moves towards a modern civil rights movement. God has lit a passion for this work of reconciliation within me and I am writing to help the church catch the same fire. As the church, let’s be on the right side of history as we respond and react to the state of race in America. It comes with a cost. Are you ready?

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What This Blog Is:

An Imperfect Journey
I’m a learner not an expert. I have, and am going to, make mistakes along the way. But I’m praying that the way I communicate my journey towards being an anti-racist encourages you to begin and press into your own journey.

Jesus-Centered, Jesus-Pursuing
True racial reconciliation can only happen because of the shed blood of Jesus which reconciled us to God. He has given us this “ministry of reconciliation:” people with God and people with one another (2 Corinthians 5:18). And he commands us  over and over again to fight for justice and take up the cause of the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 82:3, Matthew 23:1-6, Luke 4:18-19)

Reading about other white people’s anti-racist awakenings has been powerful for me because I see myself in their journeys. Hearing how they dismantled toxic mindsets about race inspired me to painfully examine my own. Their vulnerability spurred me to change. Here, I hope that I can be vulnerable in a similar way.

Hopefully you’re here because you want to know how to take action. I want to know that too. So, after every post, I’m going to list some action points to help us respond to the content. You can always leave your ideas for action in the comments.   

And, with that being said, if you want to learn a bit more about me go ahead and read on.

A Bit About Me:

Stay-at-home mom times 3.

Functional introvert.

Learning addict.


Jesus follower.

Beginner anti-racist.

Ready to listen, learn, examine, and change.

I started this blog because, since June of this year (2020) my eyes have been opened to the true crisis of justice and racism in our country and I cannot sit here and do nothing. God created me a reader and a learner. While that’s not an excuse to hide in my house it does mean that one form of action for me is to communicate what I’m learning through writing. As I write I pray God will continue to change and break my heart and that he might change and break yours too. Let’s set out on this journey of becoming justice-doing mercy-lovers!

Let’s Stay in Touch
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