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Part of embracing a life that celebrates diversity is celebrating the cultural creations of people from other races and ethnicities. It doesn’t have to be an abstract, academic exercise. The world of art, books, music, film, podcasts, and other mediums is so huge that it offers something for everyone. Also, apart from just appreciating diverse art, following and sharing about artists lends them support that furthers their work. It’s a beautiful (and enjoyable!) form of activism.

The following is a list of Black artists and creatives I’ve recently been loving and following. And the great thing about discovering one new person is that it often leads us to discover more. Check out some of the people from this list, especially in a medium you typically enjoy. You might just be surprised at who else you find!

Poet, Artist, Musician: Morgan Harper Nichols (@morganharpernichols)

Morgan Harper Nichols (MHN) sets her original, inspiratil poetry to stunning, artistic backgrounds. Her poems are often presented as a series of images that build upon each other, layer by layer. It’s some of the most unique art I’ve ever seen and I love each piece. She also has a shop where she sells her designs: Garden 24.

Children’s Book Blogger: Afoma Umesi

Afoma is from Nigeria and was a recent guest on one of my favorite book podcasts, “What Should I Read Next?” She’s dedicated her website to diverse, middle-grade books, which are not easy to find! Her website is full of middle-grade booklists dealing with subjects from sisterhood to school, and also contains her articulate book reviews. This is an exceptional resource for parents trying to help diversify their kids’ reading lives (or for parents who just like to read middle grade themselves!).

Children’s Book Author: Egypt S. Bush (@BeingEgypt)

Egypt Bush is a five-year-old girl who now has 4 picture books out! Each takes place in “Superhero Town” where she tells animated stories of everyday, Coronavirus superheroes. I think it’s beautiful that she and her family have gotten these published and I hope more people will buy the books and support them!

Podcast: Church Politics

Justin Giboney and Michael Wear host an excellent podcast that dives into political explanation and analysis from a Christian, multiracial, and bipartisan worldview. I have learned so much from these two men and appreciate their intelligent and kind discourse. They are not pundits shouting at you from the mic. They are informed and passionate guides for the Christian’s political journey.

Music: Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Tasha is a GRAMMY award winning gospel singer and songwriter. Her music is a passionate call to the church to rise and for the Holy Spirit to come. You can’t help but catch her passion when you listen to her music! Break Every Chain was her career launching hit.

Do you have favorite, diverse artists that you follow? Share them in the comments!

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